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Slide Used for hybrid and electric powered cars, to warn pedestrians/cyclists of an approaching vehicle at lower speed Pedestrian Warning Speaker Speaker that automatically gets in contact with the emergency services in case of a serious road accident E-call Speaker Mid-range Speakers Reproduction of the mid frequencies that represents the largest part of the audio bandwidth. Mid ranges are integrated in many different locations throughout the car. Woofers 3D Speakers Exciters Hatshelf Speakers Tweeters Head Rest Speakers Front Door Boxes Sub Woofer Box In order to further enhance the low frequency experience, exciters are added to the seat to provide personal mechanical vibrations. The options to use the exciters for other Haptic feedback or other messages are numerous. Slim speaker design with high stroke for integration in the hatshelf Speaker to reproduce lower frequencies, integrated in doors and/or boxes Speakers to reproduce high frequencies, integrated in doors and/or dashboard. Small-sized wideband speakers that are integrated near the headliner to reproduce a height dimension in the audio experience Shallow lightweight speakers that are integrated in the headrest to create a personal nearfield sound zone Boxes to increase the overall acoustical performance by combining a woofer in box and a mid range speaker Sealed or ported box volume with integrated woofer, to reproduce low frequencies