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In the VAG team I take up the role of lead acoustical engineer.
As lead engineer I’m responsible for technical communication with the customer and translating their technical and functional requirements into a speaker design.

From an early age I developed a keen interest in sound, photography, and electronics. I would build DIY sound systems using parts from old amplifiers and loudspeakers, spending countless hours tuning damping materials and bass reflex ports in search for the perfect sound. Over the years, I enjoyed creating music, experimenting with different types of synthesis, and mixing and mastering audio in my home studio.

As I grew up I really wanted to work in the audio industry, so I decided to study electronics to better understand and learn everything there is to know about audio related electronics.
Before graduating, I completed my internship and wrote my thesis at PSS. The great atmosphere and job content made it easy to accept the subsequent recruitment offer from PSS.

Meanwhile I never lost my interest in photography, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by the company either. (Take a look at most of the pictures on this website 😉)

As an audioholic I’m very happy that I can combine my passion for music and sound design with electronics and speaker technology at work. Working for PSS is the logical choice.

Sales Automotive /Consumer office
Dendermonde, Belgium
Hoogveld 50
9200 Dendermonde