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I have been working in the quality department of PSS APAC for more than ten years, and I have gone through most of the important milestones of PSS. In the past years the company kept growing and achieved a sizeable growth in business. Meanwhile I learned a lot from those great projects, e.g. first GM business win in 2006, succesful projects for Tesla, BMW and Lamborghini in 2017, …

Although the work is not easy but challenging, we have a ‘premium’ team working together to make it happen. I always keep in mind our company slogan “No one is perfect, but a team can be”.

I enjoy the work and atmosphere and believe we will continue being successful in the future.

2/F Block C, ZhongTianYuan Logistics Center, No.8, Taohua Road, Fubao Community, Fubao Street, Futian District, Shenzhen China 518038, PRC China